Frequently Asked Questions

Crews and Vendors may join for FREE to claim their profile and personalize their avatar.  However, boosting-up to a paid membership level will allow them to showcase more information about themselves that will be visible to potential employers. Department Heads, UPMs, Supervisors, Producers, Directors, and Management have additional features and access to rating, private messaging, adding crew members, and advanced search filters.

Please find below the annual costs for paid members:

Department Head$100
UPM / Supervisor$150
Producer / Director$200

In addition to you (the owner of your profile), only members of roles above you can rate you and see your rating and VetRank®

Producer / DirectorManagement
UPM / SupervisorProducer / Director and Management
Department HeadUPM / Supervisor, Producer / Director, Management
Crew & VendorsDepartment Head (in your department), UPM / Supervisor, Producer / Director, Management

You must be a paid subscriber in order to filter your search.  Department Heads, UPMs, Supervisors, Producers, Directors, and Management have advanced search filter options.
Yes, paid subscribers can search by City, Postal Code, and/or Country.
Each member profile has a 'sticky note' option to add your private notes and help as reminders of past experiences, future goals, etc. This will be extremely handy when you enter keywords in the "My Private Notes" Search filter.

While searching, you will see a icon next to every profile to add users to your private Dream Teams. Members added to Dream Teams will not be notified.  Please note, this feature is only available to paid subscribers. 

Crew, Department Heads, UPMs, Supervisors, Producers, Directors, and Management can also convert their Dream Teams into Projects for shared, digital crew lists.

Projects are customized crew lists that all members added to the Project will have access to. Crew, Department Heads, UPMs, Supervisors, Producers, Directors, and Management can create a project as a Primary or be invited as a Collaborator (with access to add other profiles), and anyone can be added as a Crew Member.

While searching, you will see a icon next to every profile to add users to your Projects. Dream Teams can also be converted to Projects, for ease in forming and then activating your ideal crew.

Yes, the Primary (who must be a paid subscriber in the role of Crew, Department Head, UPM, Supervisor, Producer, Director, or Management) may select between two plan levels:

Indie Projects (6 Months)$1,000
Studio Projects (12 Months)$1,500

Private Messaging is available on, however you may only initiate conversations with members within or below your role, or if you are on a shared Project.

We want to ensure that you achieve your team diversity goals with our industry-leading Inclusion sharing and tracking features.  Members have the option to select categories that best represent themselves: Woman, Person of Color, 40+ years old, belong to the LGBTQ Community, belong to the Disabled Community, Military Veteran. 

Department Heads, UPMs, Supervisors, Producers, Directors, and Management can select these Inclusion qualifiers in their search filter and all members can track their Project Crew Lists' diversity make-up through our Inclusion Stats. This ability to demonstrate diversity across several inclusionary targets will also assist in satisfying tax credit requirements.

Your VetRank® is how you stack up against other members within your Role, Department, and Location. It is calculated by the average ratings given to you by our members with access to rate you.  Members within your role cannot rate you or see your VetRank®.

Our goal is for the "cream to rise to the top" by collecting only positive feedback from those who have worked with you.  In fact, our rating goes from "No Comment," "Fair," "Average," "Good" to "Awesome," and our reviews restrict free-text entries.  We are laser-focused to curate the most well-liked crew in the business for your next project, in any location.  

Reach out to your Department Heads, UPMs, Supervisors, Producers, Directors, or Management whom you have worked with in the past and request to be rated on this site.  Accruing reviews from people who have liked working with you may improve your rating value, VetRank®, and reviews.

Members have the option to remain anonymous when they rate other members, however if they reveal their name,  you will see a highlight and their information in the review section of your Profile Page.

Department Heads, UPMs, Supervisors, Producers, Directors, and Management may add profiles to this website and rate them, even if they have not registered.  Non-registered profiles who are added to the site by our members will receive an email notification to claim and populate their profile. 

We encourage our members to add their favorite Crew Members and Vendors after every project to promote them and help potential employers in search for their upcoming projects.

You may only get rated once every 30-days by the same person.

Per our Terms of Use, you may not "share, sell, or otherwise transfer the access granted to you to the Vet Your Crew Services, including information regarding your Vet Your Crew Services login information, or password, or otherwise permit any other person to access the Vet Your Crew Services using your information, login, or password."